Analysis Finds TV’s 55+ Viewers Eroding For First Time, Younger Demos Have Plunged

Original Article by  September 11, 2019

The continuous growth of OTT platforms has made deep cuts to linear television, and the wounds are only getting worse. As it stands, more than half of television viewers are ages 55+ and for the first time in two quarters, their viewerships are declining. Amidst the flood of platforms and subscription services available older demographics are beginning to make the switch to OTT services. Ages ranging from 25-49 average out to around a 37% decrease in viewership. With the OTT industry unremittingly gaining presence, linear broadcast systems are going to look to create or join platforms and networks that will allow them the ability to reach their audiences. This includes, and is not limited to news content. As people begin to stray away from their TV sets they are more likely to receive their news and information from a digital platform that will more than likely be social media based. Around 68% of adults already claim to go to social media for news and that number is sure to rise.
With people turning to social media for their content, millions of dollars in advertising revenue is being lost. NewsPrime has the potential to act as an intermediary for this change and offers a solution to return money back to publishers and creators. Using the power a complex licensing system hosted on a blockchain platform, NewsPrime has the ability to provide a direct route to social engagement while retaining those lost ad dollars.

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