80% of social marketers use Facebook

Original Article by: Anne Freier June 12, 2019

Social media platforms have been a strong asset for marketers to engage with their audiences. The success of this has made social media a key part of so many marketing plans. Facebook currently touts an 80 percent favorability according to a G2 survey of around 400 marketers. The popularity is likely to stem from the over 2 billion active user count Facebook currently has, but, is also due to the direct engagement and targeting features marketers have access to through the site.

Newsprime’s sister site TINK, is a social media site that offers a wide spread of engagement and analytic tools for marketers, as well as consumers. Through the use of our A.I. and programmatic ad board, marketers will be able to monitor real-time engagement measurements, allowing for better management of marketing plans. Newsprime’s clients will also be able to extend their reach via Newsprime’s client database, as well as through the sister site TINK.

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