18% of OTT inventory is fraudulent

Original Article by: Anne Freier July 12, 2019

A recent analysis of over a billion OTT ad requests, part of a white paper by AdLedger, has reported around 18% (nearly one-fifth) of OTT inventory is fraudulent. Further review shows that a majority of the fraud occurs in the form of bot fraud, inventory fraud and domain spoofing.

“OTT is booming, offering advertisers the opportunity to apply data-driven planning, targeting and measurement methodologies from the digital ecosystem to television,” explained Christiana Cacciapuoti, executive director at AdLedger. “But there is a misconception that OTT is universally fraud free, when in fact it is vulnerable to many of the same schemes as digital.”

Companies like Newsprime and AdLedger are actively working on solutions using blockachain technology in order to reduce the amount of fraudulent content. Newsprime combines the power of their A.I. and Programmattic Ad Board with it’s blockchain in order to more efficiently verify content on Newsprime servers.

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