Gathering of news microphones, prepared for a speech.

As technology advances, society is thrust further and further into the digital age and the amount of people deciding to get their news online continues to grow. Even as new mediums emerge, local news ( particularly legacy media)  holds an important role in the economy as a distributor of information and trusted content. The study done by PEW Research Center analyzes the different ways that individuals are gathering their news alongside an analysis of what aspects to local journalism are important to them. It remarks upon the magnitude of importance the public feels regarding journalist engagement with the community. Despite an overwhelming majority (85 %) feeling journalistic engagement being important, almost half the studies participants noted that their “local” news covers an area other than their own. The study also notes the lack of awareness of the industries financial troubles in the public eye. Newsprime offers a solution by partnering with local news clients to seamlessly transition them to mobile/web platforms thereby extending their reach and to create a community network through our social site TINK. 

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