Subscription Costs Pile Up

Original Article by: by  , July 31, 2019

As OTT continues to grow, so too, do the average monthly cost of subscription services. The popularity off OTT and other Netflix like subscription services has boomed into a market of inccurred monthly cost, and as content licensing continues to monopolize, it is only set to worsen. With the extent of options available people are becoming less incentivized to buy muliple streaming services and more concerned with the number of paid services they use. In an attempt to centralize content and escape the multitude of monthly fees, more consumers are turning to third-party apps and pirating.

Consumers wish to be able to view all of their favorite content under the roof of one platform. A platform with the ability to proplerly license and syndicate content from multiple networks would be beneficial for both the pubisher and consumer. Viewers would be able to access their content without the extra hassle of swithching between platforms meanwhile, the creators of that content are given a way to increase broadcast reach while maintaing (with the ability to increase) viewership in a scattered market. NewsPrime’s blockchain backed platorm uses smart contracts and a mass database of client content provide the solution. Working with it’s sister platform TINK, content is seamless integrated into our peer to peer network while the network retains it’s value.

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