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Online giants are strangling local news outlets by aggregating and posting copyrighted content without paying publishers, while they keep all the advertising money for themselves. Local publishers and journalists see their stories, videos, and photographs distributed online every day but barely earn pennies in return. The result has been the loss of staff, resources, and local ad support fueled by the long downward slide of local news in the economy.
A robust local media is crucial to a free and informed public, but budget cuts are shrinking the industry with no turnaround in sight. So, what is NewsPrime and how will it turn the tide?
NewsPrime is the agent of change for the new media landscape. We pay local news publishers and content creators for stories and videos posted on our social media platform constructed to honor copyright and multiply the reach of stories that would otherwise evaporate on local news sites.
Now publishers and producers, not passive aggregators, will once again be paid for their product.

syndicate (noun) sin-di-kət

a group of people or companies that join together in order to share the cost of a business operation, such as the buying and publishing of newspaper stories, photographs, etc.

aggregator (noun) a-gri-ˌgā-tər

someone or something that gathers together materials from a variety of sources

We’re helping legacy publications (newspapers, television, digital) transition to new business models, while providing emerging media producers low-cost, reliable news information and content.

Here’s how it works:

Author and publisher copyright is protected, respected and paid for. Imagine an internet where the creators of articles and engaging news footage are respected and paid as their work travels and is copied or forwarded online. NewsPrime does this.

We’re solving these key problems:

Fake news is conquered on NewsPrime. Yes, finally publishers have the upper hand. Purveyors of fake news have met their match. Our custom computer structure plus our financial agreements with legitimate publishers prevents fake news at our doorstep. Other popular social media platforms can’t say that and can’t come close to our purity. This, in itself, is a cause to celebrate for legitimate publishers and news consumers everywhere - and it happens on NewsPrime.

Content on NewsPrime and TINK is safe and secure as it circulates. Currently, valuable copyrighted news &video is pirated across the internet by hundreds of news and opinion aggregators whose owners don’t care if content creators are treated like suckers. Writers and videographers see their work copied, forwarded and posted repeatedly with zero financial benefit to them, the same as being mugged. On NewsPrime and TINK all content is supremely protected from being copied by unknown third parties who don’t pay.

NewsPrime blocks annoying trolls, trots and bots that trade in consumer lies and deception and pollute the rest of the internet. Our financial structure with publishers is the reason. We pay legitimate publishers of quality-content only, not just anyone who wants in.

NewsPrime won’t mine personal consumer data from its search engines like Facebook and Google. We don’t want and won’t seek personal data profiles of NewsPrime participants to sell to anyone and everyone for a fast buck. Our revenues are solely from reputable advertising, not from selling private data. We are on the side of publishers and consumers, not dark alley data spooks.

Although social media aggregators revolutionized media content creation and consumption, they did so at an enormous cost to creators by disrupting the relationship between author and consumer.

Resulting in…

Loss of Trust

Loss of Viewers

Loss of Revenue

Tens of Billions in Lost Taxes

In less than three years almost 85% of all internet traffic will be video, including local news.

Mobile video viewership has been growing at an unprecedented rate – over 290 percent in a single year – and in less than three years almost 85% of all internet traffic will be video. Legacy news media are not equipped to transition to new business models, and their original material is routinely pirated by news aggregators and monetized by social networks, without compensation to the original author and/or copyright holder.

The advent of smartphones has created an army of eyewitnesses, building unprecedented amounts of original content, shared across global social networks, yet with no synthesis or context. At the same time, cost reductions at local news organizations and reduced range has affected quality and quantity of news and information.

Making social media work for you.

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